Softly luxurious lambskins are great as a rug by the bed, on a chair for warmth and padding, used under a sheet in bed or in a babies crib. They have long been esteemed for medical uses. Pelts have been professionally tanned to be washable at home.

Jacob sheep grow a medium grade wool (24-36 microns), with an open, soft, springy hand and little to no Kemp, or britchyness.  The Jacobs are sheared annually and the fleece grows 5-7 inches of wool per year.

The Tannery has provided the following washing instructions
1) Rinse with cool water.
2) Wash with Woolite in warm water on gentle cycle for 3 minutes.
3) Rinse in warm water (twice). Allow to go through spin cycles. Air dry, then brush if needed.
4) Dry in dryer set at 120 degrees - or- air dry then put in dryer to fluff (with no heat).